Should you hire a digital marketing agency?

Should I Hire a Digital Marketing Agency or an In-House Marketer?

We can all agree that investing in marketing is important. But how should you invest your digital marketing budget? Is it better to hire a digital marketing agency or an in-house employee (or employees)? Sure, you can take the do-it-yourself approach and run your own marketing campaigns for as long as you want. However, building […]

How blogging drives sales

The Purpose of a Blog: How Blogging Drives Sales

We tell businesses every day that blogging is going to be the best way to scale their business. But why should they listen to us? Sure, we practice what we preach – blogging is the central focus of Inter’s own digital marketing efforts. But why should you trust us? Case studies and customer reviews aside, blogging is the fastest […]

Google penalties

Google Penalty Recovery: Common Google Penalties And How to Fix Them

Google is constantly updating their namesake search engine to improve the user experience. The ultimate goal of these updates is to provide the best possible answers to any and all search queries. As Google’s popularity grew in the early days of the internet, businesses and marketers quickly realized how valuable a first-page search result could […]


What is a Backlink [And Why Do They Matter]?

We get it. You’re hearing all of these digital marketers talk about backlinks, but you’re still not sure what a “backlink” even is. What’s a backlink? And why do they even matter? Here, we’ll give you the overview of what backlinks are and why generating backlinks might be the single most effective way to boost […]

Finding a Niche Topic to Blog About

What to Blog About: Finding a Niche Blog Topic

A data-driven approach to finding a niche for your blog so you can rank higher in Google search results. So you’ve decided to start a new blog. That’s a great idea! Blogging is a great way to increase organic search traffic to your website. Frequently publishing awesome content provides more opportunities to provide value to […]

Affiliate marketing mistakes

7 Common Mistakes Every Affiliate Marketer Needs to Avoid

Do you wish you could make money online while writing blogs from the beaches of Phuket? This is the first thought that comes to mind when we hear about affiliate marketing. They often tout the easy living and luxurious travels that come with finding a niche, creating great content, and referring site visitors to affiliate […]

Affiliate marketing tools

Affiliate Marketing Tools: The 17+ Tools Every Marketer Needs

Who doesn’t love the idea of working from anywhere in the world without a set work schedule? The top affiliate marketers don’t need to fantasize about this lifestyle – they have the option to live this way. Affiliate marketing is becoming more and more popular every day as people trade in the 9-5 lifestyle for […]

Marketing strategy analysis

How to Run a Marketing Strategy Analysis [+ Rebuild Your Marketing Efforts]

Finding time to invest in your company’s internal marketing isn’t easy. Even organizations with full-time marketers often struggle to significantly grow their online presence through their internal marketing efforts, as campaigns often become stale, and building and implementing new marketing plans can be a time-intensive process. Fortunately, there is a better way to do internal […]

Scaling content promotion with the Twitter Leapfrog Method

Simplifying Content Promotion with the Twitter Leapfrog Method

Blogging isn’t as easy as it used to be. 5 years ago, an expert could write a short, 500-word article on a topic and expect hundreds, if not thousands of readers to find it online. Content marketers were quick to notice how impactful blogging can be and began pushing out new articles as often as […]