The Purpose of a Blog: How Blogging Drives Sales

Your breakdown of how blogging drives more sales. Learn about the purpose of a blog + see how blogging drives more revenue for your business.

How blogging drives sales

We tell businesses every day that blogging is going to be the best way to scale their business.

But why should they listen to us?

Sure, we practice what we preach – blogging is the central focus of Inter’s own digital marketing efforts. But why should you trust us?

Case studies and customer reviews aside, blogging is the fastest way to consistently scale your revenue.

Here, we’ll delve into the true purpose of a blog. We’ll talk about why blogging is valuable to your marketing strategy and share how blogging directly results in more customers.

However, quality content only gets you so far without taking search engine optimization (SEO) into account. With that in mind, we need to talk about why SEO matters to your business.

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What’s the ROI of SEO?

How valuable would it be for your business to come up as the top option when your potential customers are searching for you on Google?

Let’s look at an example. 400 people search for the exact phrase “Denver law firms” every month, not to mention all the slight variants of that keyword which see an additional 1,250 searches/month.

The purpose of a blog

Ranking 1st on Google for this one phrase would bring 100 new potential customers to your website every month, most of whom had never heard of you before.

Assuming 1% of those people become customers, this one phrase would bring you 12 new customers every single year.

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Now imagine what happens when you compound those numbers. A year later, you start to rank 1st on Google for a dozen different phrases that bring you 30 new customers every year.

Does that sound like a good investment for your business?

How Do You Achieve Valuable Search Rankings?

We talk about this pretty extensively in our SEO FAQs, but the short answer is:

  1. Make it easy for Google to understand what you do, and
  2. Get other websites to link back to your website.

How Do You Get Other Websites to Link to You?

Short answer: start writing blog content as if your life depends on it.

Nobody is going to link to your service page, but they might link to a helpful piece of content that your team writes.

Take our article about the benefits of content marketing as an example. To date, 10 different websites have linked back to this article.

How blogging drives sales

So how does a link to my business blog help my website?

A link to your blog article helps your website in 2 ways:

1. Each link to your blog article boosts the authority of that article.

This helps that article to rank higher for search queries that relate to the article and boosts your overall online presence.

For example, if 10 different websites link back to our What is a backlink article, we’ll start to rank higher for queries like “what are backlinks?”

People searching for these queries probably aren’t ready to pull out their wallets to work with us, but writing a kickass article that answers the question of our target audience might lead them to come back to our site when they are looking for help with scaling their online sales.

Similarly, we can sprinkle a call to action within our article for people to sign up for our email newsletter so we can promote future content to them through email marketing.

2. Each link to your article boosts the authority of the pages that your article links to.

Google views links as a form of endorsement from one website to another.

Endorsements from outside websites (external links) are more valuable than endorsements from one part of your website to another (internal links). That being said, linking from one part of your website to another spreads the endorsements across your site.

Our “benefits of content marketing” article has links from 10 other websites. If we add a link on that page to one of our service pages, we pass some of the authority from those 10 links back to our service page.

Over time, if we continue to write meaningful content that links back to our service pages and get websites to link back to that content, we’ll see our rankings skyrocket for our service pages.

So How Does Blogging Drive More Sales?

Blogging helps drive more sales by boosting your brand awareness and improving the rankings of your product pages. Creating a successful blog will help you to rank higher in search results when your customers are looking to buy from you.

Sold on content marketing yet? Take a look at our content marketing services to see what it would look like to start outranking your competitors and driving sales on autopilot through content creation.

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The Purpose of a Blog: How Blogging Drives Sales